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What is Computer Hardware


The computer system is divided into two major parts. One is Software and another important part is Hardware. Suppose, if we think about human body, here our hands, legs, eyes, noses, ears that we can touch are hardware part and software part is our soul. So, we can say that ….

“Computer Hardware is a group of well organized parts which are connected with each other. These are physical components. We can touch and feel those. Without hardware components, no computer system can run to process instructions.”

Hardware List:

The computer hardware list can be categorized based on parts existence into two category.  One is internal and another  is external.

The components which are attached internally into a computer case is called internal hardware. The internal parts are Motherboard, RAM-Random Access Memory, Hard Disk  drive, CD/DVD ROM, Floppy  Disk Drive, Processor, Heat Sink, Cooling Fan, CMOS battery, Power Supplier, Graphics Card, Network Interface Card-NIC, Sound Card, Expansion Cards etc.

On the other hand, the components which are connected externally with the system are called external hardware. The external parts are Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Speaker, Printer, external DVD drive, external Hard Disk, Pen Drive, Microphone, Modem etc.

Top Hardware Manufacturer:

Currently many companies are manufacturing the computer hardware. The most popular companies are shown below-

IBM:- The elaboration of IBM is International Business Machines. It’s a USA based multinational company. The company is manufacturing and selling  computer hardware and software and also providing hosting and consulting services.

Apple Inc:- This is an American company. They are producing electronics components, computer software and personal computer. The iPhone and iPad, mac laptop, desktop computer, mac operating system are their best popular products.

HP:-The Hewlett-Packard (HP) is also American company. They are manufacturing server computer, laptop, printer, network and storage devices and also providing software and enterprise solutions. This is how; they are currently most popular company in the world.

Dell:- The Dell is American IT organization are giving worldwide technology related services, solutions and supports. Dell manufactures and sells laptop, netbook, tablet, desktop computer, monitor, server and other computer hardware.

Lenovo:- The Lenovo is a chinese IT company. They are marketing desktop, notebook, server and workstation, sofware etc.

Acer:- Acer is located in Taiwan. It is technology and electronics based multinational company.

The other  popular companies are Samsung Electronics Company Limited, Foxconn Technology Group, Fujitsu, Quanta Computer, Compaq, Biostar, Dell, Toshiba, Sony etc.

Importance of Hardware:

The computer system is controlled by program. It takes input from users and process and finally provide out to the output devices. This system works by two things like hardware and software. Both are important to perform its task. A human body is converted to dead without soul, on the other hand, soul is valueless without body. So, software is jobless without hardware. Keyboard, Mouse are used to input data, then processor process data and then gives output to monitor. Here we see that hardware is using in every steps.

Special Tips:

In case of Desktop Computer, we have to buy all the parts and then assemble them inside the casing. Then put this under the computer table in specified desk, put monitor on the desk. Now, it is time to connect electricity and start this. Finally, you have to install operating system and other application software such as microsoft office, drivers, anti-virus, media players and other which are required. You can also use UPS and stabilizer to keep system better from electricity fluctuation.

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