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Various Computer Parts and Their Functions

Have you decided to buy a new computer? If you think that, you should take decision first which one is best for you between Desktop and Laptop. Now let’s focus on the advantages of those or in which circumstances you will choose Desktop and Laptop.

Suppose, you are a student of computer science and engineering department. You have to bring computer everyday in your university. Another example we give that suppose you are a IT personnel. Always you are to travel different places to do your work. So, you have to must select Laptop. So, we can say shortly that if you are to keep your computer every time to work in different places, you have to take Laptop due to have portable facility.

On the other hand, you are working in your office desk or your home. You need not travel with computer. In this situation you can buy Desktop.

So, now we have taken decision that you are ready to buy a Desktop computer. Now you should know about the hardware parts and its work. Now we will discuss about the various computer hardware parts and why will buy the parts.

Computer hardware parts are in two different section. One is internal section and another is external section.

Internal section:

Computer parts assembled inside a case are called internal internal components. Now we will discuss about the internal components of a system unit and what is the functions of those.

Casing: The Casing is important to build a system. All internal components are incorporated in the casing. Then the case will be called  System Unit. So, we can tell that system unit is internal section. The System Unit is composed by 6 (six) basic peripherals such as Motherboard, Memory, Processor, Hard Disk, Graphics Card/Video Card and Power Supplier.

N:B: Sometimes we say, the another name of system unit is CPU. But it is totally wrong. CPU which elaboration is Central Processing Unit is the processor itself.

Motherboard: The motherboard is the crucial element of the computer system. Every component of a computer is attached with the motherboard to communicate to other components. If we think in our family, my sisters and brothers are related with me by our holy MOTHER. Like that motherboard is an element which keeps all components together and help to transfer signal among them. It looks like a board and placed into the case.

Memory: The Memory is also an important peripheral which is put in the system unit. RAM and ROM are two primary memory. ROM is already exist in motherboard and RAM is set after buying. Currently we find DDR3 RAM. The elaboration of  RAM is Random Access Memory. It is used to keep data temporarily. The processor always take data for processing from RAM. So, the more  RAM is higher, the more PC is faster. So, when we buy a computer, we have to consider about higher gigabyte RAM. We can use 4 GB in general. But one problem is that, when electricity has gone or computer has been shutdown by any problem, data  hold in RAM will lost or erased.

Processor: The Processor is the brain of computer. It is installed on a specific slot of the motherboard. This is used to process data or instructions which are inputted by user. This can be pin or pin-less. There are many company in our world who are manufacturing and selling the processor. The popular manufacturing company are Intel, AMD, IBM, HP- Hewlett Packard,Motorola etc. The computer speed mostly depends on CPU speed. There are many CPU found in our market are Dual core, Core 2 Duo, Core i3, i5,i7. Core i7 is now high speedy processor.

Hard Disk: The Hard Disk is a storage device used to store data permanently. It is a auxiliary memory. This stores files, folders permanently. No data will be lost if you shutdown the computer. You can keep data for long time. So, you will find files after few years as you put due to have permanent storage capacity. We install and keep operating system files in the hard drive. There are many capacity of hard drive such as 40GB, 80GB, 500GB. Today 1TB-terabyte hard disk is available in our market. 3.5 inches hard drive is used for desktop and 2.5 inches is used in laptop.

Graphics Card: This is set on the graphics slot of motherboard. It works to convert video data into electronic signals and then this signal is sent to monitor to display. This graphics are converted by own processor of graphics card which is called GNU-Graphics Processing Unit.

Power Supplier: Power supplier is used to convert AC current to DC current and then it supplies DC current to every component of system unit as per their requirement.

External Section:

The external components are attached with system unit externally. That can be join by wire or wireless. The external devices are Monitor, Speaker, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner etc.

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