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Several Kinds of Networks-LAN, WAN, WLAN, MAN, SAN, PAN, EPN, VPN

Computer network is a crucial things in the world. We can’t think a moment today without networking system. So, we should keep a clear knowledge about the networking process and several networks. There are many kinds of computer networks established in our current world. In the article we shall discuss about assorted networks configured in our current running working environment. Let’s focus on this now……

How many different kinds of Networks:

Many different size of networks exists in our home, office and other working area. They are using for various purposes. We can define the network size depending on geographical area how much they occupy and the numbers that how many computers and devices are running under the network.

PAN: The personal area network-PAN is established within a single building around an individual person. It can be inside a small office or our residence area. It includes more desktop, laptop, tab, smartphones and other entertainment devices under a network. Suppose we can take one internet connection from ISP- internet service provider and attach with router. Then every individual can access that internet connection in their computers and mobiles. In result, they can watch movies, tutorials, drama and other entertainment things from online streaming service and also upload documents from smartphone to desktop. So, our expenses are decreased. This system can be known as PAN.

LAN: The local area network shortly LAN is configured within a short distance covering 1000 meters geographical area. It can be also configured within a single building or a  group of two/three buildings which are in close proximity to each other. We can configure it in a school or college campus, small or medium size office area and at our home. The computers and devices which are under LAN can share not only server resources but also each computer’s resources. Every user can communicate with each other and can take and send documents from one computer to another computer. And also everybody can print documents from a central printer by using LAN. In result, our daily expense is decreased. Many devices are utilized in LAN such as hub, switch, router, repeater, bridge and cables etc.

MAN: When a network is established across an entire city, then the computer network is called Metropolitan area network-MAN. It can span within 10 miles regional area. MAN is bigger than LAN. The MAN connects more LANs to expand network environmental area.

WAN:  When a network is established all over the country or world, this type of network will be known as WAN broadly wide area network. It consists of within very large area holding multiple LANs and MANs. The internet is the more popular instance or example of WAN. We can communicate with the people across the world through this type of network system.

VPN: The virtual private network (VPN) is constructed to access company private network using public network which is known as internet. Through this private network, employees are enabled to send and receive data by using internet. This is thought of as a tunnel through which data can be transmitted and received securely between user’s computer and server using encrypted connection of  VPN services.

Suppose, a company wants to create a secure connection between its head office and regional and branch offices. In the situation, they can make a secure connection between its offices using VPN. By this they can connect to their private networks (which are configured at company offices ) through internet. This system is called VPN.

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