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Install school management software source code | Access Tutorial

School Management Software Source Code


Microsoft Access tutorial instructions to install school management software source code and also an inventory control system.


MS Access is a database management system. You can develop business class forms and reports for daily transaction records. Here, I have captured the videos on how to develop and use a education management system and another is product stock control system using MS Access database.

In the video tutorial, you will know:

  1. How to install school management software source code in your computer.
  2. All program codes are open here. So, you can study all VBA codes and use it into your own access file by copy & paste command.
  3. The process to enable macros from access options tool.
  4. You will also know to develop and see the source code of inventory software.
  5. You will see step by step procedure to login and use the software to study for the all tutorials.

Required Documents:

  1. The course syllabus.

Source Code:

The source code which has been used to prepare this tutorial series is given below. Now you can download and configure properly following the steps of video instructions.

  1. Download school management software source code .
  2. Download inventory software source file.
  3. Other Software.

Special Direction: Software Installation Process used in tutorial

First, download the school management software source code from the above  link and then open the access file.

Second, enable macro from “Macro Settings” of “Access Options” in Microsoft Access 2007 platform. So, follow the steps in the video to enable macro.

Third, close the file and open again. Now login window will display.

Fourth, it is time to provide user credentials. Select the user name – admin and type password – admin

And click on “Login” button.

Finally, you will see the main window of the software.

Required Tools:

This access source file supports MS Access 2007 version or above. 


Watch the full video to install the source code and instruction how to use it  to study all tutorials step by step.


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