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How to create table in ms access by table design and template

How to create table in ms access


How to create table in ms access by using table design, table and template tools.


First of all, we think that you have already created a database in microsoft access. From this tutorial you will learn about the following:

  1. Definition of table.
  2. List of data types available in access and their objectives.
  3. How to create table in ms access by Table Design tool.
  4. Procedure to enter data into a table.
  5. Steps to create table in ms access using the Table option.
  6. Creating table from access ready templates.
  7. Here we have used microsoft access 2007 version for practice.


Table is a database object in ms access . It is used to store data. So, we can use these records in future to take important decision. It can preserve personal and business records in itself and also provide them when required.

We need to use datatype while creating database table. The datatype is the type of data for a column. That means, which type of data you want to store in table column, that is specified by using datatype. The microsoft access data types are text, memo, number, date/time, currency, autonumber, yes/no, ole object, hyperlink, attachment, lookup wizard.

  • The Text datatype stores text type data.
  • Memo allows multiple line record.
  • Number contains integers and Currency for money related data.
  • The date and time is stored in Date/Time column.
  • Users need not enter data in autonumber column. Because it generates value automatically.
  • When you want to link url or file path with this column value, you have to use Hyperlink  in it.
  • Attachment is used to keep images, document files.
  • The Lookup Wizard creates a list of values for a column. Users can choose an item from the list for the lookup column.

How to create table in ms access

Creating table in ms access 2007 by table design tool:

The steps are given below.

First, open the database and go to “Create” tab.

Second, click on “Table Design” option from the Tables group. Then it will display table design window. Here you will see the three columns like Field Name, Data Type, Description.

Third, now write column name under field name, choose data type from the list under data type column and write description for the specific column if you want.

Fourth, Save the table by a name.

Finally, the table is ready for data entry. To enter data into the newly created table, you have to open it  and type your information under the columns.

The steps for creating table by using “Table” option:

First time, you need to open the database and select “Table” tool from “Create” table. You will get this in the left most corner of Tables group.

Second work is to rename the default name and open it in design view clicking the mouse right button.

As a result, now you can customize table columns and their data types as your need.

Create table from ready templates:

You can also create table from the access templates. Template is well organized format. Microsoft access has many ready templates. So, you can create tables easily within short time from these templates. For this, you need to first open db and choose “Create” tab. Now click on “Table Template” option. Then you will see some template category and select one. The table has been created now . Save the table and go to design view to customize it for your needs.


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