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Disable Design View for Forms, Reports, VBA Code in MS Access



Disable Design View for Forms, Reports, VBA Code in MS Access with step by step solution.


When a developer create an application using MS Access database, then this database is saved as ACCDB (.accdb) file format. Then every developer needs to create an executable file for his software to deliver to his clients. So, He feels to hide built-in menus, navigation pane and also wants to disable design view for forms, reports, VBA code. Because no one can redesign his software and also another person can’t see VBA codes.

This article will provide step by step solution on how to make an executable file converting the database from ACCDB file to ACCDE file format. So, keep your eyes until you read the entire article and practice following the steps. This practice is done in Microsoft Access 2007, but you can implement it in another version above 2007 like MS Access 2010, 2013, 2016.


If you want to disable design view for access forms, reports and you want to hide VBA code, you should create an executable file for your access software. The steps are given below:

  1. First go to “Office Button”  which is in left top most corner of the access window and click on “Access Options”. In the Access Option dialog box, select “Current Database” and uncheck “Display Navigation Pane” under “Navigation”  category on the right side. In result, your software navigation pane will be hidden. And you have to uncheck also “Allow Full Menus” and “Allow Default Shortcut Menus” option under “Ribbon and Toolbar Options” category. As a result, menu and ribbon tab will be hidden.Office ButtonHide Navigation Pane
  2. Now a message dialog  box will be appeared to reopen the database. Click on “OK” button. But remember that do not close the database now.
  3. In the third step, you should open your module where you have written VBA codes. Now go to “Debug” and select “Compile”. In result, the VBA functions will be called and executed successfully in ACCDE file (Executable Access File Format). Otherwise it will generate errors, when visual basic function will be called in access forms, reports or queries.Compile VBA Code
  4. Finally, everything is ready for making an executable file for your microsoft access applications. To make an executable file you have to create ACCDE file. The steps to create ACCDE file format are the followings:
    1. Go to “Database Tools” Ribbon Tab and click on “Make ACCDE” option on the right side.Make ACCDE
    2. Then “Save As” dialog box will appear. Then write a file name and select ACCDE File(.accde) and then click on “Save” button to save the file. Now this file is converted to an executable file (*.accde).
    3. The application will open and close it.
    4. Now click on ACCDE file to open and watch and feel the executable file features.

This is how; you can make an executable file for your access applications. In result, design view of access forms, reports, VBA codes will be disabled. So, no one can open it in design view mode and resign your software. As a result you can deliver your developed access application more securely.

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