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Computer Primary and Secondary Storage Devices

To store information is a main job in computing system. So, storage devices are required to complete the function. Now we will discuss about that……


The Storage Device is a hardware used for storing data or instructions temporarily or permanently. It can be internal or external. This is responsible for holding normal, video, audio  files and operating system, applications files. Processor will take data from the storage devices for processing.

How many kinds:

Different types of storage components are available in our market. We can differentiate them into two common types depending of their data keeping nature. Those are described below with example.

  1. Primary Storage Devices: It holds information or instructions for a short period of time when computer is running. When computer is shut down, its lost everything. It’s alternative name is internal memory, main memory or primary memory. An ideal example is RAM and Cache memory. This is volatile memory installed inside the system unit.
  2. Secondary Storage Devices: This type of device has made to overcome the shortcomings of primary memory. It is responsible to keep data permanently. Nothing lost if we shut down computer. We will find everything after few years. Because its stores permanently. This is capable for holding large amount of files. They can be internal and external. Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, Pen Drive, Memory are the popular example. These are non-volatile memory.


There are many categories of storage devices listed below-

Magnetic Storage Devices: The magnetic device uses magnetizable material to store data in the non-volatile form. It utilizes read/write heads for accessing information. Hard drive, Floppy diskette,  Zip diskette, Super disk, Magnetic trip are the real example of  magnetic storage device.

Optical Storage Devices: The optical device uses lights and lasers to read and write data. Compact Disc-CD, Digital Video Disk-DVD, Blu-ray Disc are the common instance of optical storage device.

Flash Memory Devices: The Flash memory has come to replace magnetic devices. It is more efficient and reliable. The commonly used flash memory is memory card, memory stick, ssd, flash drive or jump drive.

Cloud and Online: The cloud storage is more popular medium today to store data online. It’s omitted to buy computer hardware and software. Because we can buy these in cheap cost as per our requirement like physical machine. It’s data storage is more reliable due to have backup in multiple sites by mirroring. We can access this any time from different places through internet.

Cloud computing services are categorized into three broad types. The are Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

By IaaS, we can lease IT infrastructure by paying online. The rental products may be many servers, virtual machines, operating system, storage etc.

PaaS method provides us a development platform or an environment where a developer can develop, test, deliver and manage software application easily without setting up and managing servers or databases.

The SaaS is also a method to deliver application through the internet. Users can access the application software any time from any places using internet. Users can also use that from their smart phones.

Suppose, we can take rent a server computer from the cloud and install linux OS and oracle database. Then we can configure there our application which is developed by oracle developer suite. Then companies can use the forms and reports by internet from different locations using their laptop, desktop, tab, mobile.

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