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About Us

This website is designed for Information Technology-IT study.

I am IT professional with over 10 years of experience. Currently I am working as a Software Developer on oracle platform in a multinational company. In my working area, I use oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Forms Developer and Reports Developer. Now I have started to work with oracle APEX. I also support network users. I have played my role as a senior faculty in an information technology training institute for 8 years. I have taken software and networking classes in the job. So, I have many experiences on IT teaching. I have also conducted many corporate training on software development. I am skilled on oracle, php, mysql, html, css, javascript, jquery, wordpress, microsoft office package, ms access and vba programming, hardware, networking on windows and redhat linux platform.

My Website-
I began to work with from December’2016. Here I have tried to provide a source of information about application development using oracle database such as SQL, about computer hardware. It will be much helpful for facing job interview and conducting job as an IT professional. I have described every topic in step by step. So, it will be time consuming and easily understandable to learn the topics. As I studied more, I wrote more to my website. I have tried to arrange the information in a helpful and easy navigation format.

I have introduced you to new technologies in my website. I have tried to inform what I have studied to this site. This has resulted in new topics which may not have enough content yet. My intention is to add to these new sections over time, so I hope you are willing to grow with me as I learn. I test and use all of the technology myself to keep the best quality of the website.

My main objective is to provide IT knowledge to all who are interested to learn computer programming and networking. This website will be helpful for all level of students such as school, college and university students.

Today world, IT knowledge is very essential for getting jobs. So, job seekers are bound to take training on various IT courses. For that, a big amount of money has to pay. IT training is expensive. In result, many students cannot take training on the courses. So, they face negative response from employer to get a smart job. In the situation, I have tried to provide proper training for free. This website will provide you steps how to solve a specific task on computer programming or networking. You can learn from my website totally free by one click from anywhere and anytime.

Why visit:
You should visit my website to gather programming and networking related knowledge. I have arranged my site from basic to advanced level. Here, I have written programs step by step with source codes. You can copy and paste the source codes and run the program easily. It will take less time to execute the program and view the output without writing entire program codes. So, you can practice easily and solve the problems within short time if any.